About Us

Being a startup ourselves, we know the pains and needs of new businesses. For such businesses, the importance of scaling is unparalleled. Since inception, we have followed a path of steady and sure growth. This has ensured we offer the highest quality services to our customers. We offer products and services that facilitate sales in the food, beverage, and retail industries.

Culturally, we believe in solving customer problems by applying human-centered solutions. We pride ourself in treating our customers and employees equally. We believe that a happy team member would contribute wholeheartedly in making user-centric, great products. This ensures our customers are happy with our products as well.

Meet Our Team

Meet the young people who make Flysoft Systems GmbH a success

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    Cheng Fei

    Chief Executive Officer

    Cheng, ensures the wheels of Flysoft Systems keep turning always. Being a passionate coder himself, he loves to analyze and solve problems, listen to podcasts and read history.

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    Muhammed Afsal Villan

    Chief Technology Officer

    Afsal is the soft-spoken techie behind all Flysoft's products. Being an ardent coder, Afsal loves to build elegant yet efficient solutions. He always seeks the silver lining among the clouds.

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    Nishana Moyan

    Quality Assurance

    Nishana works to ensure our products meet the necessary quality standards. Being a mother and a foodie, Nishana is a fun-loving, hard-working person. She thrives in motivating others in work and personal life.

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    Julina Wang

    Customer Support

    Julina ensures our customers get the necessary training in using our products and is proud of what she does. In her words, she's a spicy, hot young girl who loves the little things in life. However, at work, she is a conscientious worker.

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    Customer Support

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    Adnan Vallippadan

    Web Development

    Adnan is a web app developer at Flysoft. He prides on maintaining his professional and personal relationships with people. Adnan loves spending time with his family, friends and loves to plan and initiate weekly getaways.

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    Asgad Kodithodika

    Web Development

    Asgad is an extrovert who always likes to meet new people and make friends. He is curious and constantly learning on both design and development, which makes him an asset for Flysoft.